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I had already once mentioned in one of my comments on my Mentor Dustedoff  blog that unknown to many, Manna Dey was a very good cook too, just like Madan Mohan. Yes, Manna Dey-The Cook!!

So much that  there is even a massively popular song which goes like ‘Aami shree shree bhojohori Manna’ which roughly translates to I am The Cook Manna in english. This song is so popular that even a food chain is named after this song!!

Well the story behind the song goes like this. One day the famed lyricist Pulak Bannerjee went to Manna Dey’s house. Manna Dey’s wife was not at home, so Manna Dey told Pulakda to wait for some time as he was cooking chicken at that time. The fragrance of chicken being cooked made Pulakda write a whole song about Manna Dey’s  culinary skills in flat 20 minutes, the time that Mannada took to cook the delicious chicken dish!!

Later on the song was set to tune by the genius Sudhin Dasgupta and used in the superhit film ‘Prothom Kadam Phool’ and picturised on Samit Bhanja. Watch the song and  enjoy



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