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It’s after writing five posts in this series ‘Regional to National Songs’ ,that i finally realized that i haven’t mentioned what this series is all about.

So,what is this all about.Well,’Regional to National songs’ is a series of posts in which, i would introduce people to songs from regional languages like Bengali,Malayalam,Tamil,Telugu etc.In fact from every Indian language other than hindi.These languages are as important part of our culture and heritage as hindi is.And there are some very great songs produced in these languages,which sadly many people are not aware due to language constrictions.So,through this series,i would bring to fore many beautiful songs which are craving for recognition.Looking forward to a great time and hoping that i became successful in my endeavour to brings these gems to the forefront.

Will surely be able to do so with the love and affection of all the people.


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After two soundtracks from V-S,it’s time to review an album from Pritam-my Favorite Music Director of this generation.So,let’s take a look at Desi boyz,which is Pritam’s latest offering.

The title track-Make Some Noise For Desi Boyz-is a typical Pritam punjabi number.A  little on the louder side,this one sung by Pritam regular K.K. &  Bob is a good listen but Pritam has deliverd much better numbers in this Punglish genre of his.It’s remix offers nothing new and is better skipped.

Next up is Subha Hone Na De and this is as rocking a song as one can hope and get.With overall club ambiance,this one with it’s very catchy tune and super cool orchestration is the dance track of the second half of 2011,just like Chaar baj gaye was the dance track of the first half of the year.Also Sung very well by Mika & Shefali Alvares,Even though a lot of the singing is auto tuned.This number also comes in another version ‘Tu Mera Hero’ and a remix.Both these tracks offer nothing much different from the original one.

Jhak Marke [a kind of a sequel to Zor ka Jhatka] is the next track and  has a catchy tune too.Very massy and folksy,complete with funky wedding shehnai, this is another hit track.A truly good track sung by Neeraj Shridhar & Harshdep kaur,this one is the second best track of this album after Subha.Lyrics by Irshad Kamil are funky and deserve a mention.It’s remix is again disappointing.

Allah Maaf Kare sung by Sonu Nigam & Shilpa Rao is quite catchy and has got a nice vibe to it.It starts promisingly but later falls flat as it gets a little louder and the tune gets a little stale.It’s remix also does not impress much.

The last track ‘Let It be’-sung by Shaan has some awesome lyrics by Amitabh Bhattacharya.A soft soothing number,this one is really beautiful and has got some awesome guitar work in the beginning  like jhak marke.[i forgot to mention about the beautiful guitar work in Jhak Marke earlier.]This one , thankfully has got no remix and that’s a good thing.

In short,this one’s a true-blue Commercial Masala album and is entertaining from beginning to end and suits the mood of an Akshay Kumar Commercial film perfectly.

Ratings-1] Make some Noise for the Desi Boyz-3/5

2] Subha Hone Na De-5/5

3] Tu mera hero-4/5

4] Jhak Marke-3.5/5

5] Allah Maaf Kare-3/5

6] Let it be-4/5

Album Rating/Marks-22.5/30

Verdict:Total entertainer.Buy this one for sure.

My Picks: Subha Hone Na De , Jhak Marke & Let It be.

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After Ra.One, i am back with another of Vishal-shekhar’s  soundtracks-Dirty Picture.Based on Tamil Sex Symbol-Silk Smitha’s life and set in 1980’s,one can expect some corny and disco tracks that were common in that era dominated by Bappi Lahiri songs.

True to belief,the album starts  with a song sung by Shreya Ghoshal and of course BappidaOh la la,Tu hai meri fantasy.Full of corny lyrics,this one is a total jhakas 80’s song but other than that fact it is just an ordinary number.Far better corny songs were made in the 80’s but this is a good one and will be [is already ] a hit.It’s dhol mix is pretty average and can be skipped.

Up next,Comes Ishq Sufiyana sung by reality show winner Kamaal khan and picturised on Emraan Hashmi,is quite obviously  a soft romantic sufi number which is heavily inspired by Ouatim’s cult song ‘Pee Loon’.It’s a good number but stands nowhere close to Pee loon.

This song also comes in a female version-sung by Sunidhi Chauhan.The female version is not as good as the male one as Sunidhi’s voice is not suitable for the sufi genre.

Next Comes Honeymoon ki raat-a bad corny number with disco beats which might look good on screen if picturised well according to the situation.This one has vocals by the Seductive Voice of Sunidhi Chauhan.

The final track is Twinkle Twinkle,sung by Shreya Ghoshal & Rana Mazumder  is another typical 80’s song with lyrics like ‘thirsty thirsty ankhen teri,tasty tasty bahein meri’ is better avoidable even though it again pays tribute to Panchamda-this time by Rana Mazumder singing in Panchamda’s iconic style.

The whole album is quite a nice reminder to the music of the 80’s but does not have enough ammunition to better the stuff produced like this in the 80’s.

Ratings-1] Oh la la oh la la-3.5/5

2] Ishq Sufiyana-3/5

3] Ishq Sufiyana[female]-2.5/5

4] Honeymoon ki raat-2/5

5] Twinkle Twinkle-2/5

Album Rating-13/25

Verdict-Pretty Avoidable

Top picks-Oh la la oh la la & Ishq Sufiyana[male version]

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Well,here comes the first music review on this blog.Thought of starting with something big and found Ra.One to be the best fit as it was a highly hyped and anticipated movie starring Bollywood Badshah SRK.It’s also the most expensive bollywood movie ever made.So,naturally its music was also highly anticipated.Listeners were waiting with bated breaths to catch their hands on this album even more so when the news came that Akon has rendered not one, but two songs for this film.So,let’s take a look on how the album actually shaped up in my opinion.

The album’s central song -the one sung by Akon ‘Chhamak Challo’  is truly an international song.A brilliant fusion mixing Western beats with Carnatic music,this one truly rocks’.With Rhythmic and very filmi poetry by Vishal dadlani in the lines like ‘tu meri chhamak challo,teri picture ka mein hero’ ,beautiful Instrumentation especially the bagpiper played in the song,some Tamil lyrics thrown in between sung by Hamsika iyer  Gives this song a huge boost which otherwise has a flat tune .But what makes this song truly memorable is the exemplary singing by Akon.His hindi pronunciation is just too good for a non-indian.Infact it’s better than the likes of Katrina kaif , Salman khan and Imran Khan.No doubt that this song is burning the charts and has stayed on no.1 spot on the countdowns for a long time.

Chhamak Challo also comes in four other different versions ,namely-Punjabi mix,Club mix,International mix and JUST PLAIN REMIX.None of these versions are worth listening after you have heard the original except for the International Mix which is as good as the original one.

Dildaara-A sufiyana version Of  Ben.E.King’s Stand By Me is a good Adaptation but pales in comparison to the original.Good attempt but not so good execution although it is sung marvelously by Shafqat Ali.

Akon’s second track ‘Criminal’ which also has vocals by Vishal Dadlani & Shruti Pathak has a groovy tune and very catchy beats but somehow falls flat later on with it’s ‘Ishq na kariyo’ refrain.Again,it’s Akon’s vocals that takes the cake in this song.

Bhare naina sung by Nandini is a pretty average Depressing number.Siddharth Coutto sung ‘Right by your sideis lively and youthful but lacks punch.Also it falls squarely in ‘heard often enough to not to be enjoyed again’ category.’Jiya mora Ghabraye ‘, sung by Sukhwinder Singh and Vishal Dadlani is cacophonous rock going here,there and everywhere.’Raftaarein’ is a not very innovative and good tribute to Panchamda.It’s just seems to be on encashing on Panchamda’s everlasting and popular Grunge style of singing. 

Now,comes the theme tracks and there are three of them-IM ON,COMES THE LIGHT & SONG OF THE END.IM ON & COMES THE LIGHT seem to be each other’s brother and evoke feelings of majesty but fail to evoke any genuine feelings of fear which they are supposed to do.Song of the end is quite nice though but again nothing exceptional.

Overall,barring Chhamak Challo, [ Criminal & Dildaara to some extent] this one is a huge disappointment since expectations were huge.VISHAL-SHEKHAR deliver a so-so album with one truly great song in the form of  CHHAMAK CHALLO. 

Ratings-1] Chhamak challo-4.5/5

2] Dildaara-3/5

3] Criminal-3.5/5

4] Bhare Naina-2/5

5] Raftaarein-2.5/5

6] Right by your side-2/5

7] Jiya Mora Ghabraye-1.5/5

8] Song of the end-3/5

9] Im on-2.5/5

10] Comes the Light-2.5/5

Album rating-27/50


Picks-Chhamak challo [definately],Dildaara & Criminal.

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My Take:On Music

MUSIC .It’s a word that brings joy and happiness to almost every homo sapien on this planet.Almost everyone listens to music and each one has his/her own take on what is good music.

Someone had said famously ‘THERE ARE TWO KINDS OF MUSIC-GOOD MUSIC AND THE OTHER KIND.Good music is the one which is loved by most and while the other kind is the music loved to bits by some and hated to heart by some others.Good music is supposed to be appreciated and loved by all but it does not happen that way in reality. What is good music for one may not be good for the other.That way even good or great music becomes a part of the  Other Kind of Music.

In fact this ‘Other Kind Of Music’ is  the only category that exists in my opinion since everyone’s tastes and choices differ and that should remain so coz if everyone in the world started having same tastes,choices and views,the world would become a might boring place to live in.

Now in such a tricky  situation ,it becomes very difficult to criticize a song which you may not like but is a hot favorite with others or vice-versa.It becomes more difficult for a person like me who doesn’t believe in lines like ‘shit!you have got such a bad taste’ or ‘are you insane!you like this song?’.I thoroughly respect other people choices,views and tastes and I think others should do the same.But one thing that everyone knows but do not remember that one should not force one’s choices upon others and neither denigrate other’s views and tastes thinking  that their taste is the correct and the superior one.After all,who gave us the right to think we are superior and others are inferior.[I am borrowing this last line from Alfred Hitchcock’s Rope.Thanks Hitchcock Sir].

But i also want to express myself freely.I thoroughly believe that one should speak about one’s choices and likings even if it means going against the tide of popular opinion.So, I am starting a new series called ‘MY TAKE’ in which i would review movie soundtracks and albums,both old and new ones cutting across various languages.These reviews would give an idea on what constitutes good music for me.Your good comments are welcomed with full love and affection.Honest criticism will also be appreciated but rude and foul language will not be tolerated at all.And i do hope to find people having similar tastes like me in music through this blog.

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