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Now so far, we have talked about Manna and his bengali and Assamese songs and also the fact that Manna Dey was a fine cook. But Here i am going to write about that Manna Dey was  very much interested in Sports. In fact he was a wrestler during his college days.

Manna Dey actively exercised. So much that he had a really well toned body and was seen with great respect by his neighbours in Matunga, Bombay. And do you know who were his neighbours?? The Kapoors. Watch the video below where Shammi Talks about Manna Dey and the Relationship he shared with him.

Infact  i would tell you to watch all the episodes of Shammi Kapoor Unplugged on youtube. It’s a wonderful journey down the memory lane with none other than Shammi himself!!

Hell i don’t even need to tell these things to many of my fellow bloggers who are crazy about Shammi Kapoor unlike me.

Well, with this post on Manna Dey-The wrestler, I conclude my tribute series on the great Manna Dey. Mannada u will always live in our hearts and souls.

I hope you enjoyed the tribute. Hope to see you soon in the future again.


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