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In the last two posts, I blogged about Manna dey and his Bengali songs. In this one i am going to write about Manna’s songs in a language which quite close to my heart-Assamese as my mother is from Assam.

Manna Dey unlike Hindi or Bangla, did not sing too much in Assamese. But what he sang was like usual class. I had earlier raved about Sudhin Dasgupta as a composer and his fatal combination with Mannada. So it’s little wonder that when Sudhin composed music for an assamese film, he got Manna Dey to sing which remains till date one of the most popular Assamese film song ‘Dinor Pohar Rangchangia’ from the film Aranya, 1971. Watch the song below-

The first link is that of an audio version while the second one is the film version. A great song, it is one of my personal favorite.

Sudhin also made Mannada sing some album/non-film songs in assamese. Out of these, this is my fav’ Kajol Lota Tumare Naam’. Watch the song below-

Though off topic, there is another song from the movie Aranya, which though not sung by Manna Dey, is a very popular and beautiful number. Sung By Arati Mukherjee of ‘Do Naina Ek Kahaani’ the song goes ‘ Xila Xila Theka Khale‘. Watch the song below-

All three songs listed here are composed by Sudhin Dasgupta with Lyrics by Keshab Mahanta.



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