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In my last post, i listed my 10 fav songs of Manna dey from bengali films. So what should i do in this post, when i am already done with Mannada’s bengali film songs and as i have already said before  i wont do a list of his hindi numbers. Well, it’s quite simple if one knows about the bengali music scene- A list of my fav Manna Dey bangla album/non-film songs.

Unlike Hindi, Tamil or Telugu music industries, where popular music is invariably film music, Bengali music is more  about non-film album songs then film numbers. Infact  album songs are way more popular than film songs in Bengal. During the golden period from 1950-1980, many bengali films even did not have any songs but songs from bengali albums, especially those which were released during Durga puja (known as Puja shonkhar gaan) would literally burn the bengali music market, selling like hot cakes.

So it’s quite logical that if one has to make a list of Manna dey’s ( or for that matter any Bong artist) best bengali songs, then one has to take into consideration his album songs. Moreover, it is in the album songs that Mannada showcased his true versatility as an artist i.e. not just as a singer only but also as a composer of excellent merit.

Yes, u heard it right-Manna dey the composer!! Bollywood afficianados do know that Manna in his earlier part of his career was an assistant to acclaimed  composers like Khemchand Prakash & S.D.Burman and also co-composed the music for some films with these two. But it is only in bangla that Manna dey’s talent as a composer truly came into fruition. His Hindi works as a composer aren’t at all impressive, but the bengali ones…oh boy aren’t they just gorgeous??


So here i go again. It’s quite a conscious decision on my part to divide this list into two-First Part featuring my fav five Manna non-film songs which are not composed by Manna Dey & the second part featuring my fav five songs composed by Mannada himself. So here it goes

Songs that are composed by other music directors and not Manna himself

5) Coffee houser sei addata aaj aar nei ( Music by Suparnokanti Ghosh & Lyrics by Gouriprasanna Majumdar)- Now this is a hugely popular number among the bongs. For many, it’s the ultimate bangla song. Sung with great feelings by Mannada, the song boasts of some really great lyrics. If i remember correctly, this song was voted as the 4th greatest bengali song ever in a BBC poll. I love this number too but there are other songs of Manna that i like more.

Watch the song-

4) Rim Jhim Jhim Jhim Brishti ( Music by Ratu Mukherjee & Lyrics by Pulak Bannerjee)– Whenever it rains, i listen to this number. And even when it does not rains but i feel that it should or must rain, i listen to this number again. A beautiful rain song indeed.

Watch the song here-

3) Ek Jhank Pakhider Motu Kicchu ( Music & Lyrics by Sudhin Dasgupta)- Manna  Dey & Sudhin Dasgupta are a deadly combo & this song is no different. Beautiful sung with equally effective lyrics and music. Lovely…

Watch the song-

2) Abar Hobe toh Dekha ( Music by Ratu Mukherjee & Lyrics by Pulak Bannerjee)– Goosebumps is what i get when i listen to this song. A song about hope,this one is awesomely rendered by Mannada.

Watch the song-

1) Ami Tar Thikana rakhini ( Music by Sudhin Dasgupta & Lyrics By Pulak Bannerjee)- Just like Manna dey is among my fav singer of all times, Sudhin Dasgupta is among my fav music composer of all time. Infact i rate him at par with the likes of Burmanda, Madan Mohan, Panchamda etc. Someday i will do a series on Sudhin Dasgupta, but for today let just stuck to Manna dey. Coming Back to this song, this song would have retained it’s numero uno position as my fav number even if i had decided to do a combined list of Manna Dey album songs, composed by him & others. Yes, this is a song that i just love…

Watch the song-

Now let’s start with part-2 i.e songs composed by Manna dey himself. When one listen to these songs, one realises that Mannada could compose fairly complex songs but were also easygoing and beautiful. Often these songs are characterised by mukhadas & antaras, which while being beautiful themselves seemingly do not join together. But Manna Dey could join these small short gorgeous fragments and mold them into numbers which would flow as smoothly as a river does and produce a divine mesmerizing impact on the listeners. Another Interesting thing to note is the minimal use of orchestration, which although subtle would always, without fail, create the desired result. So here are the songs-

5) Rongini Koto Mon- watch the song below

4) Er e Naam Prem/Amar Na Jodi Thake sur-watch the song below-

3) Sei Toh abar Kache Ele-watch the song below-

All three songs composed by Manna Dey with Lyrics by Pulak Bannerjee.

2) Ami Sagorer Bela-Music by Manna Dey and Lyrics By Pranab Roy. A number that i just Love. Infact love is an understatement.

Watch the song-

1) And the number one song is….. Aamar bolar kichu Chilona-Sung By Haimanti Shukla with music By Manna Dey & Lyrics by Pulak Bannerjee.  Now if u thought that Manna Dey could only compose great songs for himself only, then you are wrong very wrong. This song sung By Haimanti Shukla is among the greatest bengali numbers of all time and without a inch of doubt, Haimantidi’s best song, which is quite a feat considering that Haimantidi is a hugely popular singer in Bengal with many lovely songs to her credit. Gem, Jewel, Classic, words are few when one has to describe the greatness of this number. Let’s just say it’s an awesome song and my favorite and also that of my Mom!!

Watch the song-

With this song, i conclude my Part-2 of the tribute series to Manna Dey. But there is more to  come with parts 3, 4 in the pipeline!! Till then cheers..

With love to everybody.


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