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The Beginning

MMMM…… I am thinking and thinking very hard on how to start  writing my first post.It seems so difficult even though i know the topics on which i am supposed to write .The topics are my two foremost passions-Movies & Music.I just can’t imagine a life without them.

Ok.. let’s begin.Since,this blog is about my views and opinions on films and music,I would review or rather give my view on Movies and Music albums/soundtracks cutting across the boundaries of languages,decades and eras.COZ i am an Indian,this blog would focus more on Indian films and Indian music.Check the keyword-INDIAN.So it would not just be about Bollywood but  it would also pay large attention to our regional films too, which they thoroughly deserve but sadly do not get in this country obsessed with Bollywood’s greater reach and money power.

Now,that we have come to now what i will write about, let’s figure out the reasons and the inspiration for starting such a blog.First of all,i am just crazy about Movies & Music.Secondly,i possess a great deal of knowledge about cinema and music which comes from the fact that i just spend every moment of my life [ok , not every moment but most of the time] either watching films or listening to music.Just felt a need to share my understanding and knowledge of cinema and music with similar thinking people.The inspiration came from reading such wonderful blogs like Dustedoff,Harveypam,Sharmi’s blog,Atul’s song a day, Milliblog ,Music from the third floor ,Bollywooddeewana & Bobbytalkscinema to name a few.You might ask how different would be my blog from my wonderfully talented seniors, i would just like to say that I would try to be as different as possible.One thing is for sure that my blog will not be restricted by boundaries of decades  or be solely dedicated to movies or music.My blog would , as i just wrote before, will not cater to any particular era or category.This comes from my belief that any art form is timeless and that whatever may be the language of  that particular art form,good art needs to be appreciated and loved by all.That’s all for now.

Sorry,if you find mistakes in my writing or english as i am not that good at these things the way i am good at cinema or music.But then i am just a starter and would surely improve with time if you people bless me with your love and affection.Looking forward to a great time.


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